We can’t predict the future, we can only predict possibilities” (Yuval Noah Harari )

We are in the midst of a social and technological transformation process, which is accelerating more and more. In these times of an unbelievable huge flood of information and images, Michaela Konrad believes that her responsibility as an artist is to try to understand the big picture and to put this bigger picture into the core of her artistic work.

2050 – Pictures of Tomorrow is the second part of the project “CAN THIS BE TOMORROW?” As the project title suggests, it is all about the question “What comes next?”: What impact has technology on our lives, our relations, our environment and the organization of our society? What will change within the next decades? To what extend will we live in the Cyberspace? What about the Gaming industry and the growing social inequality? What are the problems? And what are the possible solutions?

The following images are hand printed offset-lithographies. The image size is 90 x 60cm (upright format) and 60 x 90 (horizontal format).